Hello! Understanding how to dispose of garbage in Korea is crucial for foreigners living here.
Korea is one of the countries where waste separation is strictly enforced, making it important to properly segregate garbage for environmental protection and recycling. In this blog post, we aim to provide a detailed explanation of Korea’s waste separation methods.

  1. Segregation by Type

In Korea, garbage must be segregated by type. The main categories for segregation are as follows:

  • General Waste: Includes disposable items, plastic packaging, etc.
  • Recyclable Waste: Includes paper, metal, glass, plastic, etc.
  • Food Waste: Items related to food and food waste should be disposed of separately.
  • Special Waste: Electronic products, used batteries, fluorescent lights, medications, etc., should be submitted to special waste collection points.
  1. Recycling Waste Separation Methods
  • Paper: Flatten used paper and place it in recycling bins.
  • Metal: Cleanse used metal thoroughly before disposal. Aluminum cans, wires, kitchen utensils, etc., should be placed in metal recycling bins.
  • Glass: Rinse used glass containers thoroughly before disposal. Especially, do not include foreign substances such as cigarette butts inside bottles. Also, mirrors, broken glass, ceramics, glassware, etc., should be disposed of in designated waste bags or special collection areas.
  • Plastic: Cleanse used plastic thoroughly before disposal. and remove any attached stickers, labels, and lids made of different materials.
  • Other Recyclable Items: Dispose of other recyclable items according to the specified segregation regulations. For example, donate clothes or shoes for reuse, or place them in clothing recycling bins.

In summary, clean and segregate by type before disposal ✨

  1. Use of Garbage Bags

When disposing of garbage in South Korea, specific types of garbage bags must be used. Typically, transparent general waste bags and blue recyclable waste bags are commonly used. There are different types of bags such as general waste bags, recyclable waste bags, food waste bags, business waste bags, and special household waste bags.

  1. Waste Disposal Time ⌚

In most areas of Korea, garbage can only be disposed of at specified times. Therefore, it is important to check the relevant disposal times before disposing of garbage.

  1. Fines/Penalties 🧨

In Korea, fines or penalties may be imposed for improper disposal of garbage or violation of waste separation rules. So, it is important to understand the correct waste separation methods and adhere to local regulations.

  1. Importance of Environmental Protection 🍀

Finally, waste separation in Korea plays a crucial role in environmental protection. By properly segregating waste and participating in recycling and disposal processes, we can protect the environment and contribute to a better future.

While waste separation in Korea may seem a bit complicated at first, it becomes easier with practice.
Let’s all strive to live in a cleaner and more sustainable environment. Thank you 🤠