Ziptoss is a real estate business that provides the best real estate trading experience for foreigners to make future trading concerns more convenient and gain confidence and trust in the real estate industry in South Korea. Ziptoss(ZIPTOSS) is the first directly regulated real estate company in Korea. As of 2021, Ziptoss has more than 10 direct operating branches covering more than 100,000 buildings in South Korea. Ziptoss provides Korean, Chinese, and English language services and is committed to providing simple, fast, and secure real estate services to all customers.

With different types of real estate, Ziptoss’s goal is to be a trusted real estate service that customers can use anytime and anywhere. Through online and offline collaborations, Ziptoss aims to complete its services and grow into a directly managed real estate service that achieves customer satisfaction. Ziptoss employees are responsible and attentive with their client’s needs, from collecting and presenting home information to witnessing and signing contracts for every customer they have.

How does Ziptoss list their rentals?

  • The members of the Ziptoss business team are scattered to different areas to conduct on-site inspections, contact homeowners, and collect house listings.
  • The business team sends the collected information to Ziptoss’s listing management center, then sends their photographers or managers to take pictures (360-degree shots are also taken).
  • The housing management center confirms the information and the identity of the homeowner and confirms the house, then the housing is registered on the official website and app of Ziptoss. The listing center regularly confirms and updates the posted listings, such as price changes or occupancy, and updates the official website information as well.
  • All the listings that you see on the Ziptoss official website are real listings, there is always proper inspection and confirmation of homeowners for each listing. We have also opened guest reviews, allowing everyone to read the reviews from past tenants about the homeowners and their rentals. After browsing the listing information, the homeowner is contacted through the Ziptoss official website or app to make it more convenient, rather than being transferred individually to other real estate agencies.

Ziptoss is a very trustworthy company that can provide all the information clients need when moving in, from required documents to the breakdown of their fees, Ziptoss can provide all of these as they are a transparent real estate company that promotes trust, honesty, and hard work.

Other services

Ziptoss does not only provide house/apartment listings but also has a blog where foreigners can know more about South Korea. They provide a lot of information that is free to read and browse online that can be helpful when a foreigner moves into South Korea. They also have guides you can follow when it comes to processing requirements and other necessities such as knowing the different types of rental agreements in South Korea, what a tenant should do after signing the lease contract, explaining what the rental rights are, and so on. Ziptoss makes it more convenient for clients to adjust to their new home and the new environment from processing rental contracts, to providing tips about living in South Korea.