Ziptoss charges its service fee when the customer makes a lease agreement with Ziptoss.
(All the consultation and property tour is free before the lease agreement)

The service fee varies depending on the type of property. Here are some examples of how much Ziptoss charges for different types of properties:

1. Residential purpose housing (VAT 10% excluded)

  • Service fee = Transaction amount * Rate
  • Transaction amount = {Amount of Deposit + (Amount of the Rent * 100)} 
  • ex) If the deposit is 1,000,000KRW and the Rent is 600,000,
    Transaction amount = 1,000,000+(600,000 * 100) = 61,000,000
    Service fee = Transaction amount * Rate = 61,000,000 * 0.4% = 244,000 (VAT 10% excluded)
Transaction Amount(KRW)RateMaximum charge
Under 50,000,0000.5%200,000
50M ~ under 100M 0.4%300,000
100M ~ under 300M0.3%
300M~ under 600M0.4%
Over 600M0.8%

2. Residential purpose officetel

  • Service fee = Transaction amount * Fixed rate 0.4% 

3. Non-residential purpose property

  • Service fee = Transaction amount * Fixed rate 0.9%

If you are looking for an apartment in South Korea, Ziptoss is a great option to consider. We have a wide range of properties available in different areas and price ranges. We also have professional agents who can help you find your ideal home and guide you through the whole process smoothly and efficiently. With Ziptoss, you can enjoy a hassle-free and pleasant real estate experience in South Korea.