Door locks in South Korean apartments are different from what you see in western countries. They usually use smart locks for apartments, meaning instead of using physical keys, they use keypad locks to keep their homes secure. Why do they use smart locks for apartments? Simply because it’s more convenient for an individual. There is no need to bring a set of house keys when you’re going out, if you forget your pin code for your door lock, you don’t need to replace the whole lock(which costs more), and in the long run, smart door locks are cheaper than ordinary door locks which usually gets damaged over time. In this article, we’ll be guiding you on how smart door locks work and how to troubleshoot smart locks if needed.

How does a keypad lock work?

Smart lock mechanisms work by requiring a small current to unlock the door. When the correct code is entered on the keypad, an electric current is generated. Some smart locks contain a handful of buttons labeled with numbers or letters, while others contain 12 buttons. The combination of the lock is usually a four or six-digit combination and must be entered in the correct order to unlock your door.

What to do if your smart lock isn’t working properly

Change the batteries

Since smart door locks are electric, they need batteries. You can check if your current batteries still work by observing the light indicator. If the light blinks or if it doesn’t light up at all, it may be time to change your lock’s batteries. Smart lock batteries are usually AA or AAA sizes.

Call the landlord or security guard

Once you’ve replaced your batteries but you still can’t manage to unlock your door, or if you forgot your pin code, the best solution for this is to call either your landlord or the security guard of your apartment building, they have a master key and will be able to open the door for you.

Once your door is unlocked

Change your pin code

Once you have opened your front door, change our pin code. This is for extra security and for the purpose of not forgetting your pin code again.

  • Open the cover of your smart lock inside the battery cover.
  • There will be a small black button under the batteries that says “등록”, press this button. You might need a pin to press it if it’s hidden inside a small hole.
  • If you pressed the small button successfully, you will hear a high-pitched beep for a few seconds. If you did not hear a sound, try to press it again.
  • Once you hear the beep, you can now input your new pin code. Once you’ve entered your pin, press the “*” or “#” button(this depends on the model or brand of the smart lock).
  • After entering your new pin, you’ll be hearing another high-pitched beep, this means that your pin code has been successfully changed.

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